Business Planning - Preparing your Pathway for Business Success | Virtual Masterclass

We've all heard the age-old adage "failing to plan, is planning to fail" and with two-feet firmly set in the New Financial Year, building & documenting business strategies is critically important to ensuring you achieve your goals and aspirations.

To assist in this process, you're invited to join us for our exclusive virtual workshop program: Business Planning - Preparing your Pathway for Business Success - Friday, 20th August 2021 (12:00noon - 1:00PM).

Our 45-minute training masterclass aims to provide practical solutions on how to develop a suite of strategies for your business and help prepare you as business owners, key personnel and management teams for Financial Year 2021/22.

Across the session, Smiljan Jankovic (Managing Director, AGR) will cover a variety of topics and simplify the complexities of business planning, including:

  • a 'deep dive' of Financial & Non-Financial considerations;
  • the importance of historical information and how this impacts future goal setting;
  • contrasting the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in FY20/21; and
  • formulating Cash-Flow Projections & Key Performance Benchmarks

Also in the session, Smiljan will be conducting an open Q&A - providing you with the opportunity to gain further insights and clarity.

To register for our virtual masterclass workshop, follow the link - here.

Whether you're a business owner or involved in a management team, we highly recommend joining the session to help kick-start your business planning strategy, compliment existing processes, or simply as a refresher.

Smiljan Jankovic

Written by Smiljan Jankovic

As Managing Director, I provide extensive experience in the provision of taxation planning and management advice, and specialise in buying and selling of management rights businesses and audits of trust accounts. My main responsibility is to build deeply engaging relationship with clients and mentoring and assisting their growth.