Resort News Magazine - January 2022 Profile | Archer Gowland Redshaw: The Trusted Advisor to the MR Industry

We're thrilled once again to be featured as an 'Industry Preferred Supplier' in the January 2022 edition of Resort News Magazine - the leading monthly magazine for Management Rights and Accommodation Industry Professionals.

For over 25 years', Archer Gowland was recognised as a leading and highly trusted professional services firm servicing the Management Rights industry and operators throughout Queensland.

However, mid-2020 brought a new direction for the firm in the midst of the global pandemic, with the business undertaking a merger with another leading Brisbane-based accounting practice and establishing their new firm as Archer Gowland Redshaw.

Now over 12 months' on from the exciting change which saw the existing Archer Gowland leadership team of Ian Walker and Smiljan Jankovic joined by Valda Glynn, the firm is focused on cementing their new name within the industry.

After three years' as Director of Archer Gowland, the merger also presented an ideal opportunity for Smiljan to take the next step whilst continue building on his specialty assisting the MLR sector.

Now as Managing Director, Smiljan confidently leads the firm's Management Rights service offering, championing MLR operators to maximise returns from their business operations, obtain the latest advice on multipliers and legislation changes and providing clients with bespoke accounting and advisory support.

Speaking about the change and how this will better support MLRs, Smiljan offers that the benefit of a larger team will provide assurance to operators that they have access to well-informed professionals and the backing of the business throughout their venture.

Similarly, he reiterates his commitment to furthering his one-on-one relationships with operators, helping to provide more strategic and holistic business advice that will have long-term benefits on top of that related to day-to-day operations and management.

"I've been fortunate in my career servicing management rights, that I've connected with experienced MLR operators who have built successful complexes and who have allowed me to learn about how they operate. As a result, I'm now more able to pass on my knowledge and expertise in my heightened role as Managing Director to new entrants or identify & recommend new opportunities for existing operators to grow and develop their business or portfolio".

Across his career, Smiljan has built a strong reputation as a respected and knowledgeable practitioner - deeply engaged in supporting owner/operators throughout their Management Rights venture. In doing so, he has been recognised as an 'industry-preferred supplier', an honour in which he says "it's always nice to be individually acknowledged, but the real recognition goes to the firm as a whole and our history. Likewise, the achievement gives credit to all the effort the team puts into building long-standing relationships and our commitment to maintaining a high level of service".

Alongside all this, the year gone saw Smiljan release regular insights on critical MLR matters and continue connecting with other leading practitioners for their commentary as part of their popular 'Building Your Business' podcast. Something that he is eager to continue working on in 2022 to better serve the industry and it's operators.

"I'm excited to continue providing value-add insights which in turn will hopefully allow operators to gain a true understanding of their business. Equally, the hope is the return of networking events and forums where possible, which I'm keen to attend, participate or event host!".

Joining Smiljan as one of the firm's lead advisers for Management Rights is Greg Rankin - a fully-qualified Senior Accountant with over five years' experience working within the industry.

In his role, he actively works closely with Smiljan to support the Management Rights sector, regularly involved in engagements for permanent and short-term complexes. His experience has helped address various tax and accounting compliance matters across the lifecycle of a complex, as well as undertake due diligence assignments and trust account audits.

Greg's keen interest in being able to gain an overview of a MLR business and its 'health' has allowed operators to better manage their dealings and he is proud to provide tailored advice where needed to help build their business.

In commenting on his work with owners, he says "I'm proud that in my position I have the ability to offer timely and relevant advice from beginning to end, seeing the big picture and playing an active role in their success.

Additionally, it's terrific to support MLR operators at different stages in their business - especially when they are newly commencing their management rights journey or where it comes 'full circle' and we're assisting them to start the next chapter in their lives".

In highlighting what's next for Greg in 2022, he is looking forward to continuing to build his relationships with owner/operators across Queensland as well as mentoring new staff on the MLR industry - developing their interest and knowledge of the industry and the accounting and tax obligations attached.


Source: Resort News Magazine: January 2022 Edition, Issue 305

Smiljan Jankovic

Written by Smiljan Jankovic

As Managing Director, I provide extensive experience in the provision of taxation planning and management advice, and specialise in buying and selling of management rights businesses and audits of trust accounts. My main responsibility is to build deeply engaging relationship with clients and mentoring and assisting their growth.