What is the best way to purchase my business premises?

Apr 12, 2023

As a business owner, securing a prime commercial location can be an essential component in the success of a business – especially for those operating in high-traffic industries. Many business owners often commence their journey leasing a premises, however following successful start-up and continued expansion, consideration can turn to the purchase of a commercial premises and how best to do so.

Rental Property Tax Obligations - Owners Checklist

Apr 05, 2023

For many Australians looking to build a sustainable source of income outside of their main wage, property has always been a popular investment choice.

Tax Implications Involved in Principal Place of Residence Subdivision

Jul 26, 2022

As house prices continue to remain high in a competitive market, for those with a significant portion of land, the attraction of subdividing the family block may appeal as a source to increase wealth, build a property portfolio, or downsize for retirement.

Preparing Your Management Letting Rights for Sale

Jun 20, 2022

Whether you’ve newly purchased or have a well-established operation, preparing your Management Rights business for sale is an important scenario to consider in the back of your mind.

The Future of the CBD: Not Dead Yet

Feb 21, 2022

It’s been the question on everyone’s lips for the past few years, will the global pandemic result in the “death” of the Central Business District as we know it?

Current Trends in Commercial Property - Building Your Business Podcast

Feb 16, 2022

In our first guest episode of the Building Your Business podcast for 2022, Chris Lewis hosts Robert Dunne - Director, Commercial Sales at Savills Australia, alongside Ian Walker (AGR Executive Chairman) as they discuss the current trends in the Commercial Property market. In the episode, each will give their attention to the macro & micro-environmental factors impacting property across the year.