Agtech Innovation: Invest in Australia's Future Farms

As an investor I am always looking for areas of development and themes where great ideas are forming but perhaps main street has not yet caught on or up.

Australia is a beautiful country which has a harsh landscape and difficult weather patterns. Our population to land mass in some areas is low and sparse and can be very lonely for individuals managing the country in these rural and outback areas.

That is why I am always drawn to the innovation and new ideas that our framers and scientists are putting together with the assistance of investors – whether Venture Capital, Angel investors or private investors.

In previous messages I have written in our newsletter around AI, I thought it was time to revisit what I believe will be a growth industry in Agtech. With the benefits for all Australians being better management and security of our water and food resources.

There are well over 500 Agtech companies in Australia. When I refer to Agtech I refer to companies researching or providing products and services in areas of soil development and management, food development (inc yield), water conservation and purifying, land management and remediation, animal control and the like.

Some developments have been around for some time – being robot milkers for dairy farms – but some other developments have come from harnessing new technologies like drones and powerful computer analysis.

The newer areas of Agtech are now developing support for Carbon accounting, emissions reductions (inc methane gas from cattle), further automation to assist farmers in remote areas and reducing costs for all farms and providers in the supply chain. It is just not rural areas that can make a difference, urban businesses like InvertiGro and Stacked Farm are changing the way agriculture can be viewed in and around city areas.

As the next generation of individuals with the passion to harness the physical and mental hard work of farming our great country – whether with livestock, crops or aquaculture – come through looking to provide a healthier return of our soils and water ways, combining with yield maximisation that will be able to feed the world’s growing population, we can assist by backing some of these entrepreneurs. Not all the innovation will succeed or can be leveraged or scaled sufficiently to generate economic returns, but if we do not support then nothing will change and that is not good enough outcome.  

Organisations like AgriFutures Australia and Tenacious Ventures can be researched and the exciting evokeAG event will be in Brisbane in February 2025.

In future newsletters I will write on some of the new innovations coming and how people can invest and assist whether via cash or being an early adopter.

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Ian Walker

Written by Ian Walker

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