Growing my business to sell and maximising my sales price

All wise business mentors will tell you that you want to buy or grow a business with the "end game" in mind. Meaning, what do you want your business to achieve and how will you exit when the time is right? How will you grow your business and sell it?

Increase my profit and sell my business

My goal is to build my business up and sell for the highest price

If you want to build your business up as much as possible and sell for the highest price, there are a number of things you need to do:

  • Maximise your capacity
  • Achieve the greatest efficiency possible with each of your resources (facilities, people, machinery)
  • Reduce costs
  • Streamline and automate your operations
  • Maintain reliable sales and cash flow
  • Increase market share and protect against competitors

Plus, you will need to satisfy these success factors to generate income on the way through while being ready to sell when the time is right.

Having a clear set of goals, staying focussed and having the right support will get you there.

Goal setting

I want to grow my business and sell it:

  1. Do you have an action plan for achieving success in each of the areas listed above?
  2. Who will help you work towards and achieve each success factor? 

Other tips for success

  • Spend more time in sales - you have the most knowledge and passion and are the best person to make the "big sales"
  • Focus on niche markets or customer groups that will generate the best returns
  • Build a sales pipeline that attracts new business, converts sales and drives repeat business and referrals
  • Establish a strong network and keep them educated and enthused about your products, services and goals
  • Increase your price, provide excellent customer service and value while remaining competitive

Maximising your sales price

  • Can you demonstrate a strong profit story?
  • Can you reduce debt?
  • Can you lock in long-term contracts?
  • Are you investing in the brand and is it protected?

Tips for Selling Your Business in Brisbane  

Want more information?

For more information and a step-by-step guide on how you can prepare your business for sale, click on the image above to instantly download the Archer Gowland PDF White Paper "Building a Saleable Business – A FREE Guide for SMEs" written by Ian Walker.

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Ian Walker

Written by Ian Walker

As Executive Chairman, Ian is a trusted Professional Services practitioner with over 25 years’ experience within the Accounting industry. Working closely with his clients to form long-term partnership, Ian provides high-level strategic advice across all areas of Accounting, Business Advisory, Superannuation, and Taxation. Ian is proud to partner with many SME & Family-owned businesses to provide comprehensive and bespoke strategies to help address the challenges and complexities they encounter through day-to-day operations & management.