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Growing My Business to Sell & Maximising my Sales Price

Jun 21, 2023

All wise business mentors will tell you to buy or grow a business with the "end game" in mind.

How Ready Are You to Sell Your Business?

Jun 21, 2023

Most of the two million business owners in Australia run their own business to make money, have greater flexibility and freedom, create legacies and reap the financial rewards when the come to sell.

QLD State Budget 2023/24 - Key Highlights

Jun 20, 2023

On Tuesday, 13 June, the Palaszczuk Government released their QLD State Budget 2023-24, dedicating initiatives to help continue to support growth across the State’s economy and to support Queenslanders against cost-of-living increases.

The Importance of Tax Planning

May 15, 2023

For business owners, as we approach the End of the Financial Year, it is important to gain a true understanding of your potential tax position and establish a variety of business strategies for EOFY 23 and leading into FY24.

Federal Budget 2023/24 - Insights & Analysis

May 10, 2023

On Tuesday, 9th May, Federal Treasurer Hon. Jim Chalmers handed down the 2023/24 Federal Budget, a second delivered by the Albanese Government, providing an outlook into the Government's priority to create a "responsible and sustainable" economic strategy, in the face of continued inflation, rising cost-of-living, and global volatility.

Draft Legislation - PCG 2023/D1: Electric Vehicle Home Expenses

May 02, 2023

As electric vehicles (EVs) become more popular, the need for a comprehensive charging infrastructure to service the vehicles is increasingly important. To encourage the development of such infrastructure, the Australian Tax Office (ATO) has introduced new legislation for electric vehicle home charging costs according to draft Practical Compliance Guidance PCG 2023/D1.

Professional Services Insights Update - April 2023

Apr 26, 2023

The timing for owning and operating a Professional Services firm is now - it always is. A 2017 Australian Financial Review article reasoned that Australia was fast-becoming a Professional Services nation - with the sector reflecting the greater business sentiment found across a broad range of industries.

Journey to Partnership - Leadership Insights for Professional Services

Apr 24, 2023

In the latest episode of the Building Your Business podcast, Chris Lewis hosts Ian Bloemendal - Partner at Clayton Utz, alongside Ian Walker (AGR Executive Chairman) as they discuss Ian's journey to partnership, a career within one of Australia's leading law firms and his practice responsibilities with Clayton Utz - a "Big Six" firm in Australia.

What is Personal Services Income?

Apr 21, 2023

Personal Services Income, or PSI, is the income derived by an individual mainly as a result of their personal work or exertion, rather than the sale of goods or use of assets. The individual may operate as a sole trader, or through a trust, partnership, or company structure. You can receive PSI in almost any industry or profession, but it is commonly seen within the Professional Services sector (namely among accountants, lawyers, consultants and engineers, etc) and medical practitioners.

What is the best way to purchase my business premises?

Apr 12, 2023

As a business owner, securing a prime commercial location can be an essential component in the success of a business – especially for those operating in high-traffic industries. Many business owners often commence their journey leasing a premises, however following successful start-up and continued expansion, consideration can turn to the purchase of a commercial premises and how best to do so.